Tilt Grading Excavator Buckets

Tilt Grading Excavator Buckets

Tilt Grading Excavator Buckets by Mongo Attachments

One of our more popular attachments for excavators right now are the tilt grading buckets. 

Crafted by Mongo Attachments, the Tilt bucket is a solid tool that you need to add to your arsenal now. Save time and increase your efficiency from this Tilting Excavator Bucket. Angle the bucket 45 degrees left and right to get the right slope on the first cut. Available in three different sizes at this time. We offer a 44" for 3-4 ton machines, 50" for 5-6 ton machine, and a 70" for a 7.5-10 ton machine


Tilt Grading Buckets | Attachment Kings


Why you NEED a Skid Steer Stump Bucket

Why you NEED a Skid Steer Stump Bucket

Skid Steer Stump Bucket | Blue Diamond

The Blue Diamond Stump Bucket continues to be one of our top sellers. 

This stump bucket is like having a large crowbar on the front of your skid steer! Pry up sidewalks, driveways, fence posts, rocks, dig stumps and ditches, your imagination is the limit!

The Curved bottom of the Stump bucket creates a fulcrum point that allows you to use the weight of the machine instead of just relying on the lift capacity of your machine. It's like a crowbar! 

Skid Steer Stump Bucket

The length of the Blue Diamond Stump Bucket is another key factor. It is one of the longest stump buckets on the market, measuring in at 56 inches. The length allows for more leverage, giving you more breakout force. 

The narrow floor on the Stump Bucket gives you an advantage. Most Stump buckets have a floor that widens as it goes back creating a wedge effect. The Blue Diamond Stump Bucket only widens by 2" front to back that allows for better penetration in the hardest ground conditions. 


The Blue Diamond Stump Bucket has many advantages over competitors. It remains the heaviest built stump bucket. Using 4" square tubing, a formed bottom versus welded, and the popular ESCO super V teeth. To this date it has a 0% breakage rate!



HD Blue Diamond Auger Drive

HD Blue Diamond Auger Drive

Heavy Duty Auger Drive


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The HD Auger Drive is an affordable option that doesn't compromise quality. Backed by a 4 Year Manufacturer warranty you'll be able to operate with confidence in every ground condition. Offered in three different models that cover most flow ratings for skid steers and tractors. The durable housing, hex shaft, and the 4-year warranty make this a great attachment to own. The HD Auger is a Planetary Drive, compared to a direct drive or chain drive. Planetary drives greatly increase the amount of torque the Auger has and it's lifespan. The Dual swinging knuckle keeps the auger vertical when drilling on uneven ground. Blue Diamond Attachments also offers a lifetime warranty against shaft pull-outs.





Harley Rake

Harley Rake


With skid steer machine sizes increasing in the industry, there is a need for a more powerful and durable power rake / soil conditioner attachment.  The Blue Diamond Power Rake is designed to power through jobs where others fail and is set up for simple servicing.  The massive 6000 series motor and optimal drum size produce maximum torque, and the motor is kept out of the way, maximizing usable width in tighter areas.  Aggressive 2″ teeth are ideal for leaving a fresh seedbed with fewer passes.

Use this Harley Rakes to agitate through layers of grass and small plants or brush. Bring in the Harley Rake after clearing large debris or when working with soil that's not as rocky or has fewer trees in the area. This Landscaping Accessory can be helpful for farmers to re-condition a field after harvest.