Snow Wolf Snow Paw Tires

Snow Wolf Wolf Paws for Skid Steer Loaders


Snow Wolf tires are 7-inches wide compared to 12-inch standard tires. The decrease in width increases the ground pressure that the tires have, giving you better grip and control. This extra control allows you to make quick turns and pivots. 
These tires are molded with an aggressive tread pattern specifically for snow and built for Skid Steers in mind. 
These 2 things combined, changes the game in snow removal equipment. 
Standard tires only allow for a portion of the horsepower of the machine to be utilized. Wolf Paws increase your traction, which inherently increases the horsepower percentage that connects with the ground. 
WolfPaw Snow Tires
Compared to standard tires which offer the user about a 1-year lifespan, the Wolf Paws have an average life of 3 seasons. 
These Snow Tires are a 100% money back guarantee.
They make that big of a difference.