Standard Duty Snow Pusher

Standard Duty Snow Pusher | Attachment Kings

The Standard Duty Snow Pusher offers a width of 96" or 120" of snow containment. The benefits of a snow pusher start with there being no moving parts to break! With the Rubber Edge Snow Pusher, there's no mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical failure possibility. 

There are several reasons why you would choose a The Standard Duty Snow Pusher over an Angle Plow. 
  • You don't need to backdrag
  • No Moving Parts!
  • Areas where you can't windrow the snow 
  • Simply put, your budget is limited and you're looking for the least expensive up-front cost

Standard Duty Snow Pusher | Attachment Kings

This Snow Pusher will pay for itself in the long run. Because of the rubber edge, you're going to be able to go over more surfaces than a steel edge. The rubber edge also lowers the amount of money you'll need to put into maintenance. 

Standard Duty Snow Pusher Collage | Attachment Kings

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