What's the right Snow Removal Attachment for Me?

Figuring out the best snow attachment can be difficult, but here at Attachment Kings, we're going to walk you through it. 

First, you have to ask yourself two questions;

How much snow do I need to clear? Where am I moving it to?



We can break it down into four products...

Snow Buckets

Snow Pushers

Angle Plows


Snow Blowers



Anyone of these four attachments is perfectly capable of taking care of your snow removal needs. 



1. Snow Bucket

Snow Buckets for Skid Steer Loaders

Being the cheapest attachment they can be the most appealing to customers, but there are some drawbacks.

There is no give when using a bucket. If your bucket catches on anything like the sidewalk, a curb, or a manhole, you're going to come to an abrupt stop. You also run into the possibility of breaking something. 

There is no angling a snow bucket. Once the bucket is full, snow will continue to fall out the sides which takes more time when you have to back around to make

If you've ever snow plowed you know what "live rolling" is. Snow Pushers & Snow Blades have a curve to them so that the snow will roll over the top. This prevents the snow from stacking up and allows you to push more snow in in the same amount of time. Snow Buckets simply don't have that capability. 

Snow buckets are meant for small jobs where you don't have to move a bunch of snow. If you need to load snow into a truck to be hauled away. If you have to load salt or sand you want to have a bucket. 



2. Snow Pushers

Snow Pushers for Skid Steer Loaders

You can move big piles with these. Even your smallest snow pushers can move more than a bucket could. You also gain that rolling effect we were talking about earlier. 

Snow pushers also have safety mechanisms built into them. The rubber coated edges fold over when they encounter an obstacle in the way. Instead of breaking the machine or the cement the attachment rides right over it. Snow Pushers are also equipped with angled boot edges that give you a "ski-over" effect, instead of running into the obstacle. 

Nothing can be perfect though. You obviously won't be able to handle salt, salt, or snow. The Snow Pusher can't angle or windrow either. So the efficiency could go down.



3. Angle Plows

Snow Blades for Skid Steer Loaders

When you use an angle plow your efficiency increases tremendously. Angle Plows have a much greater capacity than Snow Buckets. With Angle Plows you have the capability to add Wings which makes the capacity even greater. Angle Plows actually stack snow higher than a bucket could because of the "live rolling" effect. 

The efficiency increases because of the angling effect that the plow allows. Instead of letting the snow trickle off and having to go back and make another round, you have the ability to windrow. This saves so much time and increases job efficiency tremendously. 

Angle Plows also have a trip-edge mechanism or full-trip blade to protect the operator, machine, and anything the attachment runs into. 



4. Snow Blowers

Snow Blowers for Skid Steer Loaders

A Snow Blower is the best way to remove snow from the edges of a surface. They are crucial for areas that get substantial amounts of snow each year. When snow is blown it becomes much denser and doesn't stack up as high. Blowers also throw snow farther creating more space for future snowfalls. 

Depending on power and capacity you can throw snow up to 30 feet. If you're doing a lot of residential work this can help you save room for future snowfalls by throwing the snow in the middle of the yard. 

A Snow Blower also gives you a clean, square edge, compared to a plow. It's also at a much lower risk of damaging the surface. 

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