Blue Diamond Skid Steer Brush Cutters

Blue Diamond Skid Steer Brush Cutters

Skid steer Brush cutters | Attachment Kings

Skid steer brush cutters can be a vital part in some contractors operations. There are a lot of applications you can use a brush cutter for. Clearing overgrown grass with lots of acreage, lot clearings to build new homes, maintain or create new trails in the woods or around the lake, or cut down a number of trees in a short amount of time.  Understanding the difference between Open Front & Closed Front Brush Cutters is the first step. 

Closed Front Brush Cutters:

  • Clear grass, weeds, undergrowth, and trees up to 3"
  • Debris doesn't escape the easily, shreds and mulches much more finer
  • Pushes brush and trees forward, then shreds it
  • Consistent cut when floating deck is used
  • Will leave stumps 

Open Front Brush Cutters:
  • Cut large, dense brush, and remove trees that are 4-6"
  • Debris get thrown, Doesn't mulch all of the brush it cuts
  • Can grind stumps to the ground slightly tilting the front of the deck down
  • More prone to scalping when mowing uneven ground
  • Cut small trees and brush without pushing them down first

 Skid Steer Flow Rate
Knowing the flow rate of your skid steer is the first step. Your Brush Cutters flow rate should be in in the middle of your min/max range of the brush cutter motor.
Skid Steer Operating Capacity
Consider the operating lift capacity of your machine. Most brush cutters weight around 2,000 lbs. 

Heavy Duty 


extreme Duty open front

severe Duty