camso over the tire tracks

An over the tire track that increases skid steer loader traction, flotation and tire life. Installed in only 20 minutes, it’ll enhance the productivity of your skid steer loader on asphalt, concrete and turf surfaces without causing damage or marks.

Camso over the tire tracks

Rubber Over the Tire Tracks will significantly increase traction and flotation of your skid steer providing a smoother ride and overall control and stability. No more worrying about scarring new asphalt or concrete as our rubber tracks glide easily across abrasive surfaces leaving no trace that you were ever there. 

Camso over the tire tracks on bobcat
Camso over the tire tracks on bobcat

How to Install Camso Over the Tire Tracks 

Here's a video on installing your Camso Over the Tire Tracks. You can contact us if you need more help.