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SnowWolf Flex Plow Snow Removal


SnowWolf’s compact FlexPlow offers key large plow features to deliver excellent performance at a very accessible price point.
The Flex Plow is for 2,000-6,000 lbs machinery. Full Trip Design protects the machine and operator if an obstacle is struck. Coil type springs give soft trip action. Semi-Floating Design allows the operator to apply approximately 250 pounds of down pressure without lifting the front wheels of the tractor off the ground.  A steep 35 degree angle allows the snow to roll off the blade effortlessly, while using less horsepower and traction to push more snow. Oscillation allows the blade to follow the contours of the group. Optional Lockout kit avaliable for non-snow uses.


60" | 49.2" fully angled

72" | 59" fully angled

84" | 68.8" fully angled

96" | 78.6" fully angled