Skid Steer Harley Rakes

Blue Diamond severe duty Harley Rake

Blue Diamond Harley Rake
Blue Diamond Harley Rake Airless Tires


Blue Diamond Harley Rake Side Plate

Side plate with optional bolt-on skid shoe, adds 30% load capacity

Large service access panel

20 degree angle, 5 position

6000 series motor weighs twice what competitive models do, and has around 40% more torque.
4” x 4″ square tube frame.
18 – 39 GPM hydraulic flow, 4000 PSI
Optional replaceable teeth versus fixed teeth that require welding to replace.
1.5” spindle on castors with spacers versus friction adjusters that work loose.
Airless tires – no flats.
1” front wheel axles versus competitive ¾”.
1.5” motor shaft and high pressure seals.
5 position, 20 degree angle, manual or hydraulic.
Optional bolt-on skid shoes add 30% load capacity over side plates alone.
6 3/4” drum diameter, 10 3/4” including teeth.
Replaceable teeth hardness is HRC 50.
Double struts on the castors.

Extremely High Torque

  • Powered by a 6000 series motor on a chain drive system boasts as much as 40% higher than competitive models. With a chain drive system, a very large motor can be coupled with a smaller diameter drum, increasing torque by 30% over a standard 10 inch drum unit with direct drive. In a direct drive system, there is a 1 to 1 torque ratio, and the drum MUST be larger than the motor just to keep it from dragging in the dirt. Even then, direct drive motors end up caked with dirt, making them prone to overheating, and hanging out the side means they are constantly being hit and damaged.

Why Not Direct Drive?

Direct drive has its applications, but this is not one of them, as we realized, for the following reasons.

  • Direct drive requires the use of a bigger drum, which actually reduces torque at the tip of the teeth. 
  • Putting the motor at ground level increases the machine width and leaves the motor and hoses in a vulnerable area, increasing damage potential.

Why Airless Tires?

  • If you have ever used a unit and had a flat tire, you will understand the importance of this. There’s no need to risk the inconvenience of a flat tire.


  • Not everyone has a welder around for when a tooth wears down or when a tip pops off. Having a few spare teeth along can keep it running at optimum performance with only a wrench required.

A 4” Square Tube Frame

  • This rake is capable of handling the torque it is putting out and the power of the host machine. The additional structure makes all the difference for costly structural problems that can otherwise mean replacing the entire attachment.

Blue Diamond HEAVY duty Harley Rake

Blue Diamond heavy duty Harley Rake

This lighter unit is suited to smaller frame skid steers and walk behind machines.