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hs-57 Coneqtec manhole saw

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Do you have a questions about the Coneqtec Univesal HS-57 manhole saw? We have a dedicated sales specialist for this attachment that can answer your questions. Call Today 1-855-810-6019 or email us at The Manhole Saw is a built to order item. 


Coneqtec Manhole Saw *Currently on Order* The HS-57 is a heavy-duty skid steer attachment that removes the collar and surrounding area of concrete and asphalt encasing manhole covers. The HS-57 drastically reduces the hours required to repair manhole covers to minutes; typically 10-20 minutes in concrete and twice as fast in asphalt. Coneqtec-Universal recently released the Series II with: 14” depth cut Improved Positioning optional drums with varying cutting widths optional centering arms optional Stabilizer Point & Pad Includes: 57" Drum comes Standard Magnetic Control Box Hoses & Couplers
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HS57 Series II Specifications:
Cutting Diameter – 57” (custom diameters available)
Cutting Depth – 14.5“
Swing Capacity (fore & aft) – 30º
Shipping weight (lbs) – 1,850 lbs
Min hhp recommended – 50 hhp
Flow – High-Flow
No. of Cutting Teeth – 45

Coneqtec HS-57
Coneqtec HS-57

The Coneqtec HS-57 Manhole Saw reduces the hours required to repair manhole covers to minutes. 
The HS-57 includes a Heavy-duty hydraulic motor with hydraulic-powered breakout, 60 carbide-tipped pics cut through concrete, asphalt, and brick. It lifts casing & surrounding layers of concrete and asphalt when the cut is finished. The entire area is set/released onto a truck bed for disposal, with the casing salvageable. 

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