HS-57 Manhole Saw

The HS-57 Manhole Saw from Coneqtec is the best solution to cut down time on manhole repair and get jobs done quicker! What use to take hours to cut, drill, remove and replace manhole covers now takes only 15-25 minutes depending on the material. It comes standard with a 57" drum that will fit most manholes, a simple magnetic control box that plugs into the auxiliary port, and the stabilizer point. This attachment requires a minimum of 50 Hydraulic Horsepower and a High Flow Machine.


HS-57 Specifications

Cutting Depth14.5"
Swing Capacity30°
Weight1,850 lbs
Minimum Hydraulic HP50 HHP
Hydraulic Clamp Width29.5"
Hydraulic Clamp Height (Tip End)6"

Additional Drums

Additional Drum Diameter
24"24 Teeth
30"28 Teeth
40"32 Teeth
48"38 Teeth
57" 45 Teeth

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Do you have a questions about the Coneqtec Univesal HS-57 manhole saw? We have a dedicated sales specialist for this attachment that can answer your questions. Call Today 1-855-810-6019 or email us at Sales@AttachmentKings.com. The Manhole Saw is a built to order item.