Skid Steer Snow Pushers

Blue Diamond Snow Pushers


10 Gauge Moldboard with a rubber edge. Add a pull back option. 

Blue Diamond Snow PusherSTANDARD DUTY

96" & 120" Wide
35" Tall

Blue Diamond Snow PusherHEAVY DUTY

96" & 120" Wide
35" Tall

Blue Diamond Snow PusherSEVERE DUTY

72", 96", & 120" Wide
35" Tall

Snow Box Pushers offer an up front cost but very little maintenance costs in the long run. Steel Edge Pushers have an increased cost up front and more maintenance costs along the way They have more moving parts and hydraulics to maintain compared to a Rubber Edged Box Pusher.

In the harsh environments you want a reliable snow removal attachment. The more moving parts a piece of equipment has, the more likely it is to have a mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical failure at some point, which usually happens at 3 in the morning during a snow storm, when nobody but other snow pros are at work! The Rubber Edged Snow Pusher has no moving parts which means there's not much that can go wrong!

Finding skilled operators can be hard. These Snow Box Pushers make it easy for any operator, at any skill level to use them efficiently.

Snow Box Pushers are mainly used in retail parking lots where you need to clear large amounts of snow quickly, in a straight line. Not only can a contractor's plowing efficiency increase, but he can also make his existing skid-steer, tractor, or loader pay him back 12 months out of the year, instead of 6. Box Plows are designed to push snow straight ahead and the sidewalls help keep the snow contained. Snow Pushers can collect three to five times more snow than a conventional plow before it starts to spill out the sides. Contractors can increase volume by as much as 500% when switching from conventional blade to a box plow.

According to, one snow pusher will do the work of three or four trucks- in less time.

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Skid Steer Snow Tires


 Dedicated snow blade with a quick attach snow pusher, trip edge design, many options available, for heavy commercial use.

Blue Diamond Snow PusherTRIP EDGE SNOW BLADE

96" & 120" Wide
35.5" Tall