SnowWolf QuattroPlows for Skid Steers

snowwolf quattroplow

The QuattroPlow is the most advanced plow in snow removal.

This innovative equipment combines and improves upon the ingenuity of two prior SnowWolf innovations, the FastTach® and WolfWings™. The results are greater flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness in four distinct functions, all without any extra electric harnesses or controllers in your machine.


102" | 84" Moldboard

114" | 96" Moldboard

126" | 108" Moldboard

138" | 120" Moldboard

150" | 132" Moldboard

Snow Plow for skid steers

Get your skid steer snow tires!

When you replace your regular tires for snow tires on your skid steer machine you'll find that your productivity increases drastically. With a 10-ply rating, these snow tires are perfect for any machine without sacrificing traction, ride quality, or tread flexibility. Wolf Paws are designed to be more narrow then your regular tires. Measuring at a width of 6.6"-8.5" inches, compared to regular skid steer tires which measure about 10"-14" wide. This nearly doubles the ground pressure that your machine has when you equip the SnowWolf tires. On Average WolfPaw Snow Tires last 3x longer than regular tires in the harsh winter environment they were designed for.

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